Hire a hitman service

 Hire a hitman service 2020 These are useful tips on how to hire a hitman in 2020 without getting arrested by an undercover cop or without getting scammed A list of hitmen sites is available at To avoid being scammed: 1. Never pay with cash never pay any advance. The hitman can take your 50% cash advance and run. Or if you pay online the hitman can take the money and never provide the job. Always pay with bitcoin through escrow after the killing is finished. An escrow service is a 3rd party that holds the funds until the job gets completed. You can release the funds to the hitman after the job is done Never pay with credit card or with bank account because it can be traced back to you if the hitman gets arrested. To avoid being arrested by undercover cop: 1. ALways be anonymous. Never meet a hitman face to face, always use the internet, public IP and a second used laptop that you buy with cash. Use tor Brower to hide your IP and never provide your name, address,